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Published: 2021-09-10 21:15:09
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The monsters birth is set on a dreary November night, immediately you can see that a tragic event is to be held. Then the event occurs and the monster lying lifeless revitalises with the nature of a newborn baby and awakens for the first time. When the monster opens its eyes the cowardly horror stricken scientist stares back. The scientist, Victor Frankenstein is the center character in the chapters before chapter 11 to 16. Therefore the monster is displayed through the eyes of Victor Frankenstein and is shown from his point of view.
Victor uses immensely effective describing words to describe the monster such as: “Dull yellow eyes” and: “Wretch”. These words give the abundant impression that the monster is a horrifyingly revolting and unimaginably deformed beast. Victor describes the monster as if it was the most horrendous creature that he had ever set eyes on. Frankenstein is obviously devastated by the futile results of his deranged experiment, his dreams and ambitions had been shattered. Victor had put his utmost devotion and determination into his experiment which had turned out to be a massive calamity.
This is shown in the part: “How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe, or how delineate the wretch whom with such infinite pains and care I had endeavoured to form? ” This quotation is a rhetorical question and implicates that Victor had wasted 2 years of his life and had suffered uncountable pains and starvation all for the creation of a worthless and repulsive creature that was of no use to him. Victor Frankenstein then contrasts the features of the monster which he himself had personally selected for his creation.
Victor says:”His yellow skin covered the work of muscles and arteries” and: “His teeth of a pearly whiteness, but these luxuriances only formed a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes”. The contrasting quotation portrays the beautiful features of the monster which have been concealed and masked by the disgusting and atrocious features that its body also obtained. Victor then grievingly describes his emotions and feelings about the wretched results that he had attained. He describes the monster as a complete squander of time and space which he could have put into use and value in other methods.
This is shown in the parts: “For this I had deprived myself of rest and health” and: “Breathless horror and disgust filled my heart”. These quotations are very effective in expressing Victor’s feelings and they display how Frankenstein’s dreams and desires to re-animate life had been totally destroyed and shattered due to the horrendous monster of a creation which he had resulted with. After the monsters intriguing birth in chapter 11 it was abandoned and left neglected by its own creator, Victor Frankenstein.
This is when the monsters tale commences and from then forwards the monsters life is viewed through its own eyes and it is the central character. This change of central character affects our view of the monster and changes our opinion and judgement about him. The monster describes how he felt and his thoughts after he had been born, According to the monster he was a knowledge less and immaculate being who had just gone through the first step of his life. This is shown in the part: “It was indeed a long time before I learned to distinguish between the operations of my senses”.
This quotation shows that the monster had not yet obtained the knowledge of how to function his senses such as hearing and smelling. The monster had similar to humans 5 senses and when he was born all 5 senses rushed at him and had the monster confused. The monster then presents himself as a pained and depressed critter that is alone in his species and in every other way. The monster desperately requires to obtain knowledge of the basics and necessities of life such as how to fulfil his hunger and keep warm. The monster describes the cold as an oppressive element of nature; this is shown in the part:
“I was oppressed by cold”. This quotation shows that the monster was receiving unpleasant pain from nature’s way. The monster then realises that nature has good and bad elements, he starts comparing the differences: “I found that the sparrow uttered none but harsh notes, whilst those of the blackbird and thrush were sweet and enticing”. This quotation is a comparison between the pleasures and pains of nature. The monster realised that he could not express himself and then built up a strong desire to express himself.
The monster is curious and anxious about his surrounding environment and the world so he explores and seeks knowledge to overcome or fulfil his desires. The monster finds sunlight disturbing to his eyes; this is shown in the part: “The light became more and more oppressive to me”. This quotation shows that the light sometimes irritates the monster and his eyes have not adjusted yet just like a new born baby. All these first time experiences of using his senses and his feelings implicate that the monster is a new born innocent being that is sinless and fresh without guilt.

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