Victor Frankenstein Analysis Essay

Published: 2021-09-10 22:00:09
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Victor Frankenstein believes that his creature is evil from its ugly looks and ugly features. He is very disappointed as he has used beautiful body parts and the finished product is ugly. At this point we feel sympathy for the creature from Victor Frankenstein’s remarks and opinions. Later Victor Frankenstein runs away from his troubles and abandons the creature and leaves it to fend for itself, like a newborn baby.
This also makes the reader feel sympathy for the creature especially when it is uneducated and does not know how to do things. Uneducated, Victor Frankenstein’s creation is forced to fend for itself, and find food, even he doesn’t know how to or what food is. “I again went out in search of berries. ” Victor Frankenstein’s creature also senses cold and is scared when it goes dark because no one has told him what coldness and dark are. Again this makes the reader feel sympathy for the creature.
The creature feels, “It was dark when I awoke; I felt cold also, and half frightened, as if it were, instinctively, finding myself so desolate. ” Victor Frankenstein’s creature senses beauty and enjoys it. He particularly likes birds and calls them “little winged animals”. He especially enjoys their singing. “I was delighted when I when I first discovered that a pleasant sound, which often saluted my ears, proceed from the throats of the little winged animals. ”
Again this makes the reader feel sorry the creature as he appreciates the beauty of nature. The reader feels more sympathy when the creature tries to mimic the sound the bird makes. “Sometimes I tried to imitate the pleasant song of the birds”. The creature is frightened when he attempts to mimic the bird and is unsuccessful. “I wished to express my sensations in my own mode, but the uncouth and inarticulate sounds which broke from me frightened me into a silence again. “

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