A Soliloquy from Macbeth for character Fleance Essay

Published: 2021-09-10 09:45:06
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I think here is safe. How could this be happening to us? What has my father ever done wrong to deserve this terrible fate? Who would have ever done such a thing to my father, a brave warrior and a great man who always acted on his beliefs and was honest and loyal to those he held dear. Revenge, how can I take revenge when I don’t know even who my enemy is? (Fleance walks around and thinks for a while then suddenly he realizes something) Or it was the prophecy father told me about while we were riding.
He said since the day he and Macbeth met the witches on that health and knew about their fates, he would not be weakened by those dark temptations but Macbeth is what he worried about. Macbeth seemed changed after the first part of the prophecy quickly came true and gave him the title Thane of Cawdor. Father tried to dissuade Macbeth, he told Macbeth the creatures of the dark can’t be trusted, sometimes they tell us part of the truth in order to win our heart then betray us in the deepest consequence but Macbeth didn’t seem to listen, Fleance macbeth.
After King Duncan announced his heir for the throne, father knew Macbeth was improbable, Malcolm isn’t brave or powerful like Macbeth but it’s him who shall be king after all not Macbeth. He was afraid that Macbeth would seek his future actively instead of just waiting for the prophecy to become true even if it’s through wicked speculations and regicide. Father said his suspicion to Macbeth had risen significantly since he had that weird dream during that dreadful night, the night King Duncan got murdered.
He said he met the three weird sisters again in his dream and they gave him signs which he didn’t fully understand so he tried to confide it with Macbeth but now he knows that it was the sign of King Duncan’s death and his own. Since then he has been suspicious of Macbeth but never told anyone except me about the dream or his suspicion because Macbeth was always his dearest friend. (Fleance signs)
That’s why we went riding that afternoon so he can tell me everything about the prophecy in case Macbeth really is the one behind all these treasons and murders. But now, Macbeth had killed all my suspicions. Now I know him for the bloody murderer that he is. First he killed King Duncan then accused Duncan’s sons so he could become King of Scotland and now he has killed my father and tried to kill me so he can prevent the next prophecy that our family will rise to become Kings. But, he wouldn’t imagine that I, the son of Banquo escaped.
If everything those dark creatures said about Macbeth has become true then what they said about me might become true as well. Macbeth, your reign will end one day I shall be King of Scotland and revenge my father’s death. (Fleance quickly looks behind) I have to keep going now before those murderers can catch up. I have to find a place where Macbeth’s men can’t capture me, a place no one knows who I am and hide until the right moment comes. The moment I rise and become King of Scotland.

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