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Published: 2021-09-11 00:05:09
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So what is your favorite kind of music? Soft music is graceful; rock music is fast; classical music is great ; light music is relaxing; and children’s songs are interesting. You can choose whatever you like. Now popular songs are in fashion, especially the love songs are greatly loved by us young people. Of course,for our teacher, the answer is not the same;maybe the classic inspirational song is his first choice . Alt is often said that if you like music,you tend to like singing too. But I think there are also a lot of exceptions,’ myself is the typical example. T is really a pity that I do not have a talent for singing, as I love listening to music that much. My view on music appreciation In high school I once took a course called music appreciation which I greatly enjoyed. Alt is not to play a specific instrument,but to learn how to read and listen to music as an art form. People read the stories about the lives of many composers,and the history of the musical instruments themselves;they also listen to tapes over the recorder. In my opinion,music sometimes can be called a universal language like smile.
A composer who can not speak a single world of our language can make us feel joy and pride,sadness and despair,peace and mystery through his music. As it’s true for me ,when I listen to some kind of Japanese music exactly have such experience. I believe some of you may also have the similar sense of feeling. My understanding of I suppose you will always feel amazed and confused whenever you come to think of how music come into our lives, and to be honest,trying to account for the reasons is quite beyond our ability.
We should Just leave the doubt to the music experts and just admit the fact that music is an amazing invention of our civilization and truly ranks as one of the greatest things our ancestors have ever created. Music has the ability to lift the heart of anyone who turns to her for help?making them feel on top of the world and keeping their spirits up. I myself is a loyal music-lover,listening to music is an essential hobby in my life. Another simple way of classification According to the way how the music exists and spreads among people. There are two important kinds of music in the world.
One is written down,and the other is by rod of mouth. Many people make their living by writing music. They write songs for pop stars and music for films and TV plays,and they usually write exact instructions on how the music is to be played. Folk music has been passed down from generation to generation. Len the beginning,it was never written down. People learned the songs from their families,relatives,neighbors and friends in the same village. These songs were about country life,the seasons,animals and plants,and Background music may seem to be of no importance ,however,it can have a rueful effect on those who hear it.
Recorded background music firstly found its way into factories,shops and restaurants in the US,and later it gradually spread to other parts of the world. Nowadays,it is becoming increasingly difficult to go shopping or eat meals without being exposed to such music environment. To begin with,background music is simply intended to create a smoothing atmosphere. As time goes by,it is becoming a big business,which I do not know whether it’s developing for the better or not ,and neither do I care about such issue.

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