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Published: 2021-09-02 13:45:09
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I haven”t decided which topic to dewell on until I heard of a story, the same story that happened again between my classmates this term. Another pair of boyfriend and girlfriend had said goodbye to each other, leaving only the good memories of the sweet past and a miserable future in front.
Someone once told me ” there are no rights or wrongs in love” after he was turned down by a girl. However, he ended up his comment with ” I don”t believe there is true love in campus now”, which surprised me most. Another boy, who is one of my best friends, after bidding farwell to his girlfriend, said he still loved the girl so much although it was her who wanted to leave him, which also made me deeply impressed.
Although I have witnessed or have heard of many sotories about the love in campus, most of which were ended with tear,sadness and misery, I still firmly believe that there is true love in campus.It may come from a slight trembling in the heart, it may stem from appreciations between good friends and it may have made its way from a pure-hearted talk on a certain occasion, but it does exist and it will not die out as long as human beings remain as emotional creatures.
There are many reasons for university students try to find a girl friend or a boy friend.Some want to prove their attractiveness while many of them want to get rid of the loneliness and fastidium of the campus life, still some others just want to have a try on everything including love, but among them, there are people who have really found the resonance of their hearts, and the harmony of their minds between the two of them. And there are people who have devoted themselves into loving each other without demanding return. Love means not ever having to say you are sorry,because love only calls for bona fides, for the true feelings between the two, and understandings of the two under any circumstances. Devotions to love help build a ever-lasting and unfaded love in spite of time, distances and misunderstandings.
Many people regard love in campus is immature and somehow childish. But first love is true love, which is as pure as a piece of crystal and as immaculate as a fine blue sky.And it”s not sophiscated compared with the love outside the ivory tower mixed with money, fame and puissance, which has lost its essence during the hybird with so many factors.
There does exist real love in campus, which is becoming more and more scarce nowdays.We have to seek for it ourselves using our hearts and true feelings. When we are experiencing one, cherish it and devote into it no matter what the result may be in the future.
Remember there is true love in campus and one day you may discover it. For those who have already in love with someone, just love the one you are loving and don”t leave any regret when looking back into the campus life one day.

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