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Published: 2021-09-10 19:05:10
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Maggie tells him he would be better off in a bigger shop but Willie has no real, ambition and is maybe afraid of change, and would rather work at Hobsons. Maggie tells Willie that if it where not for his fine boots and her salesmanship the shop would not run. Willie tries to politely complement Maggie saying, “you’re a wonder in the shop” Maggie returns his compliment saying “and you’re a marvel in the workshop” but as well as the compliment she asks the question “well? ” Willie is confused showing that he is not all that sharp minded.
Maggie gives him a bigger hint that she wants to go into partnership with Willie “it seems to me to only point one way. ” Willie still can’t figure out the hint after another hint from Maggie, Willie realises what she is saying and makes excuses that he should be getting back to work. Maggie stops him showing she is determined and not deterred by Willie’s excuses. She then blatantly hints at marriage but can’t propose, as that was not the done thing in Victorian times. Willie can’t believe that the bosses’ daughter wants to marry him.
He is so shocked that he sits down and mops his brow. He tells her he’s feeling sick and asks why she wants to marry him. Maggie tells him straight that it’s not for love but for business showing that money comes before romanticism in her mind. Willie tells her that he’s no good at business. But Maggie’s tells him that “my brain and your hands ‘ull make a working partnership” Willie is now thinks that Maggie doesn’t mean marriage but partnership he is relived, on stage he would get up of his chair and be maybe not so Quivery, Maggie then tells him she does want to marry him.
Willie asks why Maggie says its because he’s so much unlike her father. Willie finds the situation awkward and tells Maggie that he finds it awkward Maggie says, “what’s awkward about it? ” Willie; “you talking to me like this” showing that Willie is uncomfortable about Maggie breaking Society’s rules Maggie tells him she’d be stupid to let this chance slip, Willie cant believe that he a not very bright workman from Salford is someone’s best chance.
Willie tells her that he respects her for her salesmanship and looks but says he doesn’t love her. Maggie tells him that they don’t need love to be married and tells Willie to promise her that they will go through life together for the money. Willie still has doubts that they wouldn’t get far without love but Maggie says she has enough love for both of them. This scene shows that Maggie is: Bossy, Determined, Clever, Ambitious and clear thinking E. g. she no’s that to get out of Salford she can’t wait for a rich person to marry her.

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