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Published: 2021-09-11 13:25:08
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For doing my testing I made a questionnaire. I asked 15 questions. Number one was; which logo do you like better? The second one was; what logo would you say, will be easy to repeat over and over again? The third one was; what do you think, I could do to improve my logos? The fourth one was what company do you think my logos are relative to? The fifth one was; which of my logos could you picture in a shop? Those were just some of my logos.
Most people said that Flex was the best, so I went to the computer and made it look better by adding a background and making lines straighter stuff like that, then I had to draw them all again and make then neater. Then I displayed them as work. Then I made a few more questions in my questionnaire for my logos, I had added questions like what background do you think will look better for this logo? And I had ones like what colour will make this logo stick out? I had a questionnaire for each logo. I had given the same questionnaire for each logo.
When I made the questionnaire I had to make questions the suited the logo it was for. Then I had to tidy the questionnaire up to make it more presentable as work after I finished the questionnaire over all flex was best by far. Over all I found I found this project relatively easy, (apart from this write up) to design logos I just came up with anything, but for flex I thought about it. Over all I think the efficiency was ok because I got the logos and questionnaire done in three lessons. I got the logos done in a lesson and 10 minutes of another lesson and I done my questionnaire in a lesson and 40 minutes.
I asked questions like, how can I improve my logos? Which ones do you like best? This assessment guide is part of my course work. Other wise I would say all these words wasn’t necessary. When I first started my designs I came up with different logos, then as I progressed they became better and better. With tax I started that with a basic design, I kept on going to zoom, and I kept editing it, after I finished to outline and stuff… I colored it in. Then when I done flex next I knew how to do the  because someone told me on the net.
Then I clicked on text, made a box, then I clicked on tools, and then I clicked on show text bar. After that I clicked on underline. When I went to type the lex bit of lex it was either too big or too small. So I had to do resizing a lot. But when I got to bolt I just took my time and done it right, first time. My techniques I used were quite basic. I just went into paint and done a lot of erasing and a lot of drawing. But when I finished my logos I put them into Microsoft word, this was so I could put a header on it with my name title and date.
When I was doing the  for flex I accidentally pressed one, six then nine. Then a (r) symbol came up so I thought, “hey, I could work on that. ” So I came up with something on the bottom of my logos saying, (c) copyright of D. S. Miller (r). Then for my questionnaire I used Microsoft word and I done my header first saying the date and my name. Then afterwards I printed it out. But no black was showing. So Miss Murray had to put a new cartridge in then it was doing the color funny. It took a couple of goes to get it right.
But we got there in the end. I didn’t intend to make a computer-related company, I just drew the logos and decided the suited that category. But I did a bit of editing after that. I edited the intended audience. I made tax simpler with fewer colors in one flood fill. I shortened the number of colors by just three. Flex is basically computer writing with a difference so I thought that was easy. Bolt was quite hard but I didn’t really think of it as a computer company, but I couldn’t think of anything else.

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