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Published: 2021-09-11 13:20:10
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I will be aiming to design hardware like mouse’s, keyboards etc. so I was thinking what logo I should use, I was thinking long and hard then came up with Tax, Flex and Bolt. Flex is simple and easy to produce and looks more professional then the others. Imagine Flex mouse’s or Flex keyboard. Tax looks good, but it doesn’t sound that good. Plus if I do it colorful then it would cost more money and Tax would be quite hard to produce again and again. Bolt is ok but I was told it look like a game title! Not what I was looking for in a logo.
Plus it would also be hard to produce again and again. I couldn’t decide which one to choose so I done a questionnaire. I asked all the people in the classroom at the time (forgot how many of them there were), most people voted for Flex. I was pleased because all you have to do for the i?? is hold down Alt (not Alt Gr), and on the left hand side numbers type 1, 5 and 9. Or as I found out kp_end, kp_5 and kp_pgup. When you let go of Alt… hey presto a i?? rite before your eyes. Then I just type the lex bit and underline it. And to make the Flex more pretty I made it red.
So your finished product will be something like this i?? lex. See it looks pretty good and better then Tax and Bolt I assure you. The software I will use for my logos will be Microsoft paint and for my questionnaire I will use Microsoft word. And sir said to mention about windows and that so I think the computer I used was Windows 95. I’m gonna use this software because it’s all that’s on the computers at school. But when I used the computer at home I had to use the same software as the school so I could open my work. When I first started this coarse work, I was told to design three logos.
First we had to draw them in class. Then we had to put them on the computer. I had to use the user account because I haven’t got my own account yet. Then I went to Microsoft paint and designed all three of my logos. Then after I went to Microsoft word to do my questionnaire. When I finished my questionnaire I had to ask five more people because Tax and Flex had the same results. But in the end the results favored Flex all I have to do it make a text bar, then make then the text size about 46 when do that Alt 1,5, and 9 trick.
That gets the done, and then make another text bar and the size about 36. After that click the underline button to get the lex bit and hey presto logo finished. First of all I just drew anything on the paper and see what I come up with. I drew a couple of lines and I came up with Tax so I made it look like Tax. Then I thought about Flex and I remembered how to do that and it turned out good. Then I just made bolt out of anything because we had to make 3 logos. Then I had to put them on computer and it was pretty smooth sailing from then on.

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