Blood Brothers: What is the importance of Linda in the play as a whole? Essay

Published: 2021-09-10 12:20:08
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‘What is the importance of Linda in the play as a whole? ‘
This essay is based on the importance of Linda and her role in Blood Brothers as a whole. Linda has a very vital role in this play as she is part of the two main characters Mickey and Edward’s dream. At the beginning of the musical Linda wasn’t shown much as she was a minor character at that moment, however during the middle Willy Russell brought her in as an important role that had to be introduced for the two dreams to take place.
Linda is also a very vital character in this musical because she is the major cause of Mickey and Edward’s death, and Linda is also the link loved by both men. This musical was set in the 1950-1960s, one of the reasons why Willy Russell wrote this musical, was to show the contrast between a working class woman and a rich woman, he cared very much about the woman rights and Willy Russell used this musical to support his belief. Linda was one of those whom to be a working class woman, she is portrayed a poor, uneducated and a hard working woman. Willy Russell invites us to judge Linda for ourselves and encourages us to give out our own opinions about her.
Linda is such a significant character to Blood Brothers as what we see in her is a assertive and loyal woman and comparing Linda to all those stereo typical ladies that have an affair, Linda is nothing like them as when she was having an affair, she still cared for Mickey and her child a lot, and this clearly shows loyalty. And this loyalty is quite important to the text as a whole because it was very rare to see a person being loyal.
Linda was the main reason why Mickey and Edward died and in the musical the two deaths of the two main important characters is one of the most key things of Blood Brothers, without them dying the text would be left incomplete and left without the key features of the musical ‘superstitions’. Mrs. Lyons superstition came true at the end, which was that if Mickey or either Edward find out they are blood brothers, they would die, but the real reason was Linda and her role was being the two blood brothers love and dream. Linda has also got a big role as she is the main characters wife (Mickey’s wife).
And she also takes good care of Mickey like a wife is meant to do as she tells Mickey to get off those pills because she cares for him, “Mickey you don’t need your tablets! “… pg 76. This clearly tells us that she wants Mickey to stop taking the tablets because it obviously shows Linda is worried. In conclusion, I think that Linda is an important character in many different ways as I explained, such as becoming the reason of Mickey and Edward’s death and also becoming he love of both of them. Willy Russell made the oppression that Linda loved them differently in her own ways but yet she cared for both of them the same.

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