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Published: 2021-09-10 18:50:09
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The balcony scene is known as one of the finest and most famous scenes in the whole of drama. Directing and producing this scene is a difficult task. Constructing a hard scene is a challenge which every director intends to compete in. To successfully complete this, you will need to set up a scene of modern or traditional characters. Key characters are those who create major effect even if they have to take up a minor side role. There are many people such as guards, watchmen and even the nurse who is always present. I believe that the balcony scene is a turning point in the play as the emotions of Romeo come pouring out lying before Juliet.
Romeo’s movement and gesture is an important aspect of the scene as his big elegant footsteps create a huge amount of tension, Romeo shows his love for Juliet has reached the highest level and he is keen to be with her as soon as possible. Romeo’s slow and tender movement is seen as romance in the audience’s eyes. This piece of work is vital for a prosperous scene. Romeo’s movements should be as superior as a royal feast. The test for Romeo is troublesome but once you complete the test of movement then you feel the proud glory within yourself.
The lines of Romeo are extremely crucial because the lines will decide whether Romeo can express himself to the standard he wishes. “Call me but love, and I’ll be new baptised. Henceforth I’ll never be Romeo.” This line tells us that Romeo has deeply sunk in Juliet’s love that he is ready to change his characteristics and personality for her. Romeo’s love is unlimited, it had no boundaries, it penalises every rule against them, and improves every rule for them.
On the other hand there is Juliet, who is waiting for Romeo to come across safely to her, as she knows Romeo will be killed if he is caught by any guards. The fear is stabbing Juliet’s heart repeatedly because the anxiety is full inside her. Juliet does not have movement in this scene as she is watching and only watching, nevertheless her gesture still says a lot. The best way of making a good posture is to keep upright and leave the miserable signs of worrying hanging on your face.
Juliet’s lines are constantly repeating one topic, which is the love between Romeo and her. She is concerned about their future as the rivalry between their families is blocking their straight path. The lines should mention her desperation and distress which is following her like a shadow. Her lines are really important as her lines are the words behind her loud cries and frustration sighs, the lines help the expressions to reach the audience’s minds.
The relationship they carry is highly crucial as the storyline is based over them both. Their emotions and aspects are exceptionally alike. It’s like their pair had come prepared directly from heaven. They carry huge similarities between them and their love. This moment of romance and concern should be treasured in their hearts forever. This brings them together and makes them realise love can be difficult but if you hold on, your bond is even stronger.
My conclusion is that constructing this scene is difficult but with a little bit of effort and pain the mission can be accomplished. A strong and determined director can construct a capable and fine scene for others to enjoy. My final saying is that this scene is the heart of the play and if you construct this scene well, then consider yourself as a fantastic director.

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