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Published: 2021-09-03 18:30:13
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In Jane Ere by Charlotte Bronze, Jane underwent exile on her own terms in order to follow her own moral compass. In the process of her own exile, Jane faced the emotional struggle of leaving love and passion behind and became enriched with the rewards of independence and the new presence of a family. Throughout the book, Cane’s life was riddled with different instances of exile and migration from place to place. Some of the most crucial aspects of her character development were her departures from the many places she spent her life in.
Gathered, Elwood, and Threefold were all examples of how Jane exiled herself and spent her life in different places, molding her life With different experiences at each location. The exile that was perhaps the most emotionally difficult but enriching was her departure from Dethroned. Her leaving Edward Rochester and Threefold was the most emotionally straining decision she had to make but it eventually made her a more complete and content individual.
After Jane heard the news that Rochester already had wife in Bertha, Jane was forced onto the decision of whether to fall into a bigamous relationship or to follow her own principles and be true to herself. She didn’t what to upset Rochester and she doubted that she would ever find someone that loved her as much as he did but at the same time she wanted to have self-respect. With great difficulty, she quickly left Thrilled and all the while resisting her love for Rochester.
Her self- exile from Threefold, a place that she had become accustomed to and a place where she first felt a semblance of requited love, represented a first home of rots. Her separation from a place of comfort and her separation from someone she still loved was a pivotal moment for her and continued the pattern to gloom and misfortune that occurred throughout the novel for Jane up until she arrived at Moor house. Her stay at Moor House soon tended to her emotional wounds Of exile from Threefold and her love.
This stay acted as an enriching period for Jane, replacing emotions Of loss With family and newfound independence. Jane discovered 3 family in Moor House like no other she had in her life. The Rivers, Diana and Mary, became close Wither her, enriching Cane’s life With a different type Of love and providing the family that she never had with the Reeds or at Elwood. Jane, throughout her life sought love and family in some fashion and finally found it in the Rivers. She had very few female friends during her life and only Helen Burns and Miss Temple would fall in the category.
Diana and Mary were not only close to her but ended up actually being her cousins, giving Jane actual loving relatives. Jane also eventually received the inheritance from her dead uncle, adding to her enrichment in another way. She became more financially independent and became more financially equal to her peers. All of her experiences at Moor house made her more independent and a more content individual. They contributed to the steady growth taken that is so central to the novel and the gradual independence she gains from Rochester that made her a more complete individual.

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