Artventure Children’S Creative Art And Party Centre Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 07:25:08
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Eileen and Tina have completed one year of operation and are wondering if they are on the right track for years to come. They are worried about increased operating expenditures, and increased competition. They are offering programs for young kids ages 8 months to 12 years old. For those parents who can afford to take their children to these programs and have the time for the younger children. They have programs offered for different age groups. From ages 15 months – 4 years they have creative junior tots they enjoy art, music, live animals, drama, stories and creative movement.
This program is offered Tuesday and Thursdays and on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays they have science, music and dance. For the older children 4 and over they have photography, funky dance, and they also offer birthday parties for ages 4 – 12. The program is offered all year round for their clients. They can join in at any time. They can just go into the centre and join up. They receive new clients from word of mouth from their other clients who enjoy their services and they also have print advertising.
Eileen and Tina believe that young parents are seeking early educational development for infants and toddlers. This in turn creates a high demand for Parent and Tot programs which helps out Eileen and Tina. The Artventure Centre is in a good location off the highway. It is convenient to enter and leave the Centre. It is easy for those busy parents on the run to drop off their kids and take off to their busy lives. At the Centre they offer many different activities and for different age groups as mentioned above.
Eileen and Tina also offer different programs that suit their clients demands. In doing so they try not to be repetitive. Although it is located in a good location off the highway it is not located in an upscale mall so it doesn’t have a lot of traffic going through it which they need to have to increase their clientele list. Other people are becoming more aware of the increase in children’s recreation and parties that they are creating their own centre which can become a great threat towards Artventre.
Their competition is a great threat that could hurt them or make them a big success it all depends on what the other Centres are offering and what their prices are. Some of these other Centres offer day camps that don’t accept children under the age of three where as Artventure offers programs for ages 2 – 5 and they also offer Parent and Tots programs. Also other camps are only half days for 15 months to 24 months so Artventure offers art classes from 1-3. Artventure has a lot going for them they are creative they offer lots of programs for different ages. They accommodate the wants of the consumer.
They have a product that young parents are becoming more interested in. They are located in a great spot. They get the word out by advertising and word of mouth. Compared to their competition they seem to have good prices for their programs. Which could also help them out if future clients do the research and find out the prices of all centres that are offering different programs. With all that said I believe that Eileen and Tina are on the right track for years to come they seem to know what they want and are willing to accommodate parents wants as they come along.
As for competition if they have a good product then that will speak for themselves I just think that they might need some more promotion besides word of mouth and print advertising for instance they could make a commercial or something along those lines. Also the competition doesn’t seem to be offering as many programs as Artventure and Artventure offers different programs and they don’t like to repeat themselves. I believe that Eileen and Tina should stick to what they have going for them.

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