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Published: 2021-09-11 01:55:08
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Musical artists in today’s society are chosen by the media from multiple criteria, being of a poor background, using equipment to unfairly alter their said talent, exposure, and a having a devastating but phoenix like rise from their ashes in opposition to past artists which worked hard through trying times and overcoming true odds with true talent. In 2008, a young boy named Justine Bibber was discovered online by a recording artist and once signed, the media fed off the story of his rough childhood. His parents were both 18 at the time of his birth, but divorced soon after his birth.
While being a single mother, his mom had to work extra Jobs while he was ridiculed at school and stayed home a lot of the time. While sad and unfortunate, this story is minute compared to the dilemmas that true musical artists have been through. Over 18 years ago, Irish-Rock group Flogging Molly came to America to seek a successful American musical lifestyle. While on their Journey here, they went under extreme circumstances of family deaths, being kicked onto the street and being exiled from America. After being deported from the country, the band decided that they would keep true to their Journey and stay on track.
They all were hired onto manual labor jobs and kept their noses to the grindstones. After raising enough money for themselves, they all got legal visas to move back to America to follow their dream. Within 5 months, they began headlining major concerts and 1 5 years later, they are still doing what they love and spreading music across America. In today’s musical society, it has become a social norm to use technology to alter the voices and instruments of their audio tracks. While this makes many people’s voices sound beautiful, it is not true talent.
Easy technological advancements have given way to the untalented people of the world making money Just by adjusting the equalizer on a vocal track. Even a pitch, untalented, nobody can make the illusion of talent from their garage or basement. On the other hand, a decade ago, people used real instruments and real recording equipment to record their real voices in their garages and basements. This transformation from hard work and dedication to the new, easy and convenient way has degraded the music industry for the past few years. Exposure and advertising has developed immensely in the past few decades for all types of media.
From the early ass’s, the internet had yet to even be made public, Argumentative Essay music By marchionesses internet and television, all widespread publicity was made public with the radio. Other than the radio, a specific band would only be able to spread their name through shows at different venues and theatres. Without the ability to spread their talent, many artists who were talented soon died out, never to see stardom. However, in today’s society, with the invention of television, tunes, the Internet, and You-Tube, music is spread like wildfire across people’s computer, TV, and cellophane screens.
While convenience is nice to many people, a simple You-Tube upload can land them a multimillion-dollar contract with professional recording labels. That is exactly what Justine Bibber did in 2009 with Island Records after he posted a video of him singing on You-Tube. After randomly searching videos, professional musical artist, Usher, found him and signed him. While this is an interesting story, it is too often becoming a more popular means to sign artists. While the musical artists of past decades fought the odds and some may have died, it also weeded out the weak, no talented, musically inspired.
Because of this new way that artists are being discovered, the untalented “artists” are unable to be weeded out and can be integrated into mainstream music, make millions, and leave as quickly as they entered. People encounter altercations in their lives, some may be death, some may be a breakup of a girlfriend, but all in all, the recovery is what defines the person. One prime example of this is the artist Adele. After going through a bad breakup with her now ex- boyfriend, she wrote songs about how bad she felt. These songs have currently made her thousands upon thousands of dollars each and every month.
The emotional breakdown of her breakup and her rise from the ashes have shown the media and the public how “heroic” she is. However, 20 years ago, Nick Oliver’, a singer and bassist from Queens of the Stone Age, had his only living parent die in a horrific car crash. Being Just a teenager, he was alone and isolated with only him and his bass at his side. After rising from the death of the only person close to him in his life, he wrote music for a world-wide sensation rock band. His phoenix like rise from death and despair gave the media of the sass’s a vision of hope even for those who go wrought devastating circumstances.
Overcoming these true odds gave Nick Oliver’ true respect as a musical artist. People encounter trying times in different ways, and they handle them differently as well. Even though two different people rose past difficult situations, the girth of each situation alters the way the media should interpret it. However, the media hype of today’s society blows careless, insignificant situations out of proportion. The media of today’s music world has changed the way that the public sees music. The idea of the “media hype” gives people an easy new admiration to connect to.
The media will focus on simple and insignificant traits of an artist or musical groups life to put them ahead of the pack as “special,” “new,” and “individualistic. ” People will follow this instead of focusing on true artistically talented musical groups. The idea of newly discovered talent has been shadowed by their lives instead of their music and with easy exposure this effect has been amplified. Easy exposure, combined with a societal norm based on convenience has retired the idea of “talented musical artists” instead of redefining it. Word Count:1116

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