Analyse in detail scene 6 from the play “Kicking Out” Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 13:55:10
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In my essay I will analyse in detail scene 6 from a play called “Kicking Out”. This play was written by Clifford Oliver in 1994 and was first performed on the 6th of November 1994. The play was commissioned by the football in the community scheme at Leyton Orient. The play was written for young people to remove racism in football and in society in general. The Kicking out play is about five young adults building a team for a five a side football competition. The trouble is they need a team of mixed race. During the play Eddie the coach of the team, lies about playing for West Ham and through out the play he make racist comments.
The team are not sure if they can have Eddie as the coach of the team. Scene six is set on the terrace, as in scene one. In this scene there are three characters Tanya, Kelvin on one side and Eddie on the other. They are watching a football match. Kelvin and Tanya are going out. Tanya is fifteen and white, she has an attitude problem with Eddie. Kelvin is fifteen too and is black; he has not mentioned any thing to his parents about his relationship with Tanya. Eddie is in his early forties. The writer shows the action takes place at a football match by his use of stage directions.
This tells the stage director and actors what to do and where to stand. The first stage direction is found at the begging of scene six; it says that the scene is set on a “terrace”. This is a word that you will associate with football because it is where the crowd stands. The second stage direction is found at the middle of scene six. It says that Kelvin and Tanya are “ducking under the railings” you probably would see these railings at a football match to separate fans. The third stage direction is found at the end of scene six.
The writer shows that the action is clearly set at a football match by the characters language one of the first thing we hear is “come on you O’s”, this is written using capital letters; it also has an abbreviation and an exclamation mark. This shows that the characters is saying this loudly or is shouting it also the name of the team is easier to shout out and enthusiastically encores the team to play better. Just like a real football supporter will do. The second phrase that is spoken is “come on brooksie”. This is written using capital letters it has an abbreviation and an exclamation mark.
This show that the character is shouting this to encourage the player so when he hears his name shouted he plays at the best of his ability. The third phrase that is spoken is “Orient reject”. This is written in capital letters and has an exclamation mark. This show that the character is shouting to the team that he dose not support that they are a reject. In this scene Eddie is very aggressive I know this because he says, “Get into him son” and this shows that Eddie is encouraging the player to make a very physical move and some how get the ball or hurt the other player. We also learn that he is opinionated.

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