A Newspaper Article on The Murder of Mrs. Tyler By Lennie Smalls Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 09:35:10
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On 19th August two days ago Ms. Tyler from Salinas California was brutally slaughter by a lunatic called Lennie Smalls. With in minutes of the body being found there was a search party sent out to “seek and destroy” the murderer.
Ms. Tyler the wife of Curly Tyler was found dead in one of the barn on the Tyler Ranch California. She had been brutally killed and found with a broken neck. There were also signs of sexual abuse. The old swamper Candy found her. Curly Tyler, The son of Mr. Tyler owner of Tyler Ranch and ex-Golden Glove champion for California, was sure that it had been Lennie he said; “I’d seen the way Lennie had looked at her before!”
Lennie Smalls had lived with his Aunt Clara until she passed away. From then on Lennie had wandered from ranch to ranch with his friend George Milton. ” Lennie was a very big man he could lift a sack of grain that it would take 3 or 4 men to lift” was the description given by Curly Tyler. Slim , The jerk line skinner of the ranch, Told us ” He obviously was a violent man.”
Ms. Tyler was at the tender age of sixteen and only in her second week of marrige before the atrocities of two days ago. Their where rumours of her dreams of Hollywood which were confirmed by here mother saying “She did dream but the dreams were foolish, I’m glad I stopped her.” It appears that she never could make her own choices. When Mr. C Tyler was asked if there was ever any domestic violence the best he could come up with was “no, You’ll have to take my word for it.”
Lennie smalls had committed the previous offence of sexual assault in weed but escaped with the aid of George Milton. Other ranch hands did know about this event and kept it form their superiors. When Mr. Tyler was asked if he would have been able to stop Ms. Tylers death with this information he said “I believe nothing can prevent a man such as Lennie Smalls Re-offending.”
Also Beside the body of Ms. Tyler was a dead puppy which had been brutally mutated and hidden. Lennie obviously had not been content with killing a dog but he also wanted to carry on to a human. The puppy had been give to him by Slim and according to statements made by ranch hands he “over Handled it”
The manhunt was initiated immediately At this point they discover that Lennie had was armed with Carlsons, A ranch hand, Gun. They searched the plains and fields for him and it was finally his greatest friend that became his greatest enemy. George Milton found and killed him. He heroically wrestled th gun of him and ended his best or only friends life. Mr. Tyler was asked about the autherisation of the manhunt he replyed with a tear in his eye ” I was just thinking of my daughter in law.”

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