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Published: 2021-09-02 06:25:15
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24 hrs. in one single day. 24 hrs.
your name be in my head. 24 hrs. is what determines what we do, and 24 hrs. I wish I can spend with you.
Both day and night your name crosses my mind, and your pretty smile that gets me wild. Your soft lips that I”ll never regret kissing; no money can buy that feeling. The way you grab me, the way you touch me; it feels so good, I just love it. I love you; I wish someday I have 24 hors.
with you; better yet, when you say “I Do” my wife you”ll be and noone will ever take me away from you. When I kiss your bubbly lips, and get a taste of your mouth; when you move your tongue inside it drives me wild.Since the second I see you and you”re with m, I know right away and I promise to give you what you want from me. With noone around us, noone to see us, I”ll take you to a whole new world that”ll last for years.
The memories I have with you I”ll never forget; the experiences that you gave me can”t leave my head. You”re so good, you”re so sexy, I”ll never leave you, not unless I go crazy. Priscilla the girl who changed my life, the girl who made me realize what love is all about. I”ll never regret being with you, never in my life I will deny that I don”t love you.
And if I”m lying God can strike me dead right now, but you”re the girl that my heart cares most about.

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