The way sex is viewed in Christianity

How Christians treat sex: Traditions and beliefs
Catholics believe that when a man with a woman is having sex, this becomes the most intimate moment expressed physically. This union is sacred and can be created only in marriage. The majority of Christians accept this statement and believe that God wants people to demonstrate their sexuality and desire only after getting married. They value chastity, which means not having a sexual relationship with someone before marriage. For example, the US Baptist Church even sponsored a movement towards supporting young people who remain virgins until marriage.
When it comes to contraception, as the church teaches that sex is the act aimed at showing true love and creating a new life, contraception is something that stands on its way. The use of such artificial protection goes against God`s will and is not acceptable. However, many Christian groups belonging to Protestants believe that even if sex shows love and affection, it should not be used exclusively for making kids. Therefore, they allow contraception use to regulate the family`s size and just for pleasure.

The concepts that not every Christian knows

In a modern world, people pay little attention to a religious opinion about sex unless they are true believers. They easily find sex partners on dating websites (have a look at one observed in snapsext review) and have a one night stand with no pangs of conscience. To tell the truth, the standards of sex in a Christian life have significantly changed, and there are concepts that prove how little we know about the religious rules:
1. Jesus didn`t mention much about sex
Yes, there were two clear statements about lust and divorce but nothing about sexuality, homosexuality, or sexual identity. All the instructions came rather from Christian leaders who started preaching after his death;
2. Truly devoted Christians should give up sex forever
Early Christians lived in a radical environment when celibacy was more appreciated than marriage. They believed in the end of the world and didn`t see any point in taking care of the spouse, children, and other responsibilities like household. The end of the world (second coming) didn`t take place, but the celibacy emphasis stayed, and couples stopped having sex after producing a few children;
3. The first half of Christianity's existence didn`t get married in the church
The fact is that the first 1000 years marriages were considered an economic alliance created between two families for the mutual benefit, and weddings didn`t require the church and official state representatives. It started regulating marriages far later on when its influence covered Western Europe;
4. Sex in marriage was only for making children
For the most part of the church`s history, it allowed sex only for producing kids, and a sexual desire was seen as a defect and problem. Saint Augustine considered sex desire as the rebellion against God and promoted it as a sin as well as passionate love or sex for pleasure, and this idea was controlling families for a few centuries;
6. Church developed its own rules
Today some of them may seem weird to even the most conservative Americans, but in medieval times church controlled Christians` sex lives entirely. It praised virginity and monogamy and strictly punished any signs of homosexuality in a very simple way – by death. Besides, it had very specific requirements for sex that married people could have. Many sex positions were banned (no doggy style), and sex was allowed only on certain days of the week (it was actually legal only once a week).
But even despite all these standards, Christians tried to find a way to do things they considered right.