Western Civilization 1

Rome was exceptional at taking land which led to their downfall. The Roman times were a grueling to live in, mainly because of all the troubles everyone had to deal with in those times. Rome was the motherland of the time having the most advanced techniques and equipment with a dominant military and roads so good we still use the same type of roads to this present day. But not everything was great at the time with people being killed every day to corrupt kings want power and wealth for themselves. Yet, there are too many negative parts of Rome that affect Western Civilization that affect us today, such as slavery, genocide, and imperialism. Due to all these things that why Rome is bad for western civilization.
Slavery was widely used in Rome. Due to this as the Roman republic was conquered more land there came even more slaves during the war and the number of slaves peaked during the early times of Rome. Slaves did have a law to protect them, but that did nothing to on how the slave owner would treat them, but even slaves would still kill their slave owners. Proven here
“such as laws had little impact, however, on how masters actually treated their slaves. Despite the changes, there were still instances of slaves murdering their owners.” Slaves were treated terribly and they were the ones who set up a Rome by building the amazing buildings we can see today. In conclusion, slaves were treated terribly with all the things they did.

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While Rome was conquering tons of land that led to a ton of genocide during the war in Gaul. Julius Caesar was a huge factor of this when he was ruling the roman military from 58Bc to 50Bc when he killed around 2 million Gaulic, of men, women, and even children. Yet Caesar Himself killed 1 million Gauls and to add to that was when Caesar sold about 1 million Gauls into slavery. In other words “Caesar campaign resulted in 800 conquered cities, 300 subdued tribes, 1 million men sold into slavery and another 3 million dead on the battlefield.”-Plutarch Roman historian. But the Gauls were not the only ones killed it was also 200,00 Germanic tribespeople and even 3 million Jews during the Jewish revolt in 67-73BC, 116-115BC, and 132 BC. Above all, no civilization would kill these many people, especially if they are women and children and not just men who are fighting.
Rome like many civilizations has corrupt leaders, especially when it came to imperialism. To further explain most people today will do many things for wealth and that has never changed when we see something similar when in Rome people try to go in the government for power. It said “Some historians have suggested that, at some point, a group of roman aristocratic leaders emerged who favored expansion both for the glory it offered and the economic benefits it provided.” proving that Imperialism was taking effect in the Roman times. With all these things being considered that Imperialism is still taking place today in Western Civilization.
So because of all these reasons why Rome isn't being beneficial to western civilization due to slavery, genocide and, imperialism. With slavery being terrible because the slaves had important roles such as doctors, and even mangers, but they were not even paid that much.

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Furthermore with genocide and how Julius Caesar killed about 2 million Gauls and how Rome would treat people overseas differently than the Italian allies. That is why Western Civilization would have done better if it wasn't for Roman slavery, imperialism, and genocide.
Meanwhile, on the other hand, people will say that Rome is beneficial to Rome because of its military strategies and they are not wrong. The roman military is the ones who created peace and maintained all domestic orders, they also were the security of princeps. The military was powerful and very vast that only 5400 soldiers would be at the most powerful and the military had 150,000 soldiers so Rome had about 27 fully powered Legions proving that their strategies are so good they only need very little to make something out of nothing. The strategizes were so good and smart that we base some of our strategies from them. The military even provides for the non-citizens this part of the Roman military is called Auxiliaries. They would receive citizenship for them and their families as well, proving that they wanted the best of the best when it came to war wanting men who would risk their lives for 24 years just so they could enjoy freedom in one of the greatest places of that time.
Roman architecture one of the amazing pieces of work to this day, it's so important to western civilization that the White House was influenced off of Rome, even the California state capitol that was heavy-based off Roman architecture. Most of these builds are now destroyed, but they are heavy preserved and they are popular to history teachers and are a huge tourist attraction.